Information for oral presentations (zoom)

We will use zoom to host the talks and Q&A sessions.

All contributed talks will last 8min + 2min questions. The schedule will be very tight! Err on the side of speaking <8min.

Please join the zoom meeting a few minutes before your session block starts, so the host can do a roll call etc. (Access talk schedule here.) First set of speakers, please join the zoom meeting 10min before the official start at 1600 (GMT+1).

Make sure you have sufficient bandwidth for smooth video. Concerns? Slack us.

A mic will help with clarity of your audio and the dangly earbuds-with-mic we use on phones actually work very well. But make sure your mic is not touching your hair or clothing.

The conference host will manage the transitions between talks. To deliver your talk, you will need to initiate screen sharing on your end. After your talk, the host will moderate the Q&A.

If you are unfamiliar with zoom and want to test the platform, Te-Wen can hold a test session. If interested, post a request on Slack!

All talks will be live, and we will not be recording talks.


Please post questions to Slack!

Otherwise, for zoom related questions, contact Te-Wen Lo ( For talk format or scheduling questions, contact Christian Braendle (



Information for poster presentations (

We will use the platform to have an interactive, social poster session.

See example posters and test out how your poster will look on the platform at any time in this live practice room

Save your poster as a PNG file. Guidance on optimal design can be found below and in the practice room linked above. Other questions? Slack us!

Please upload your poster no later than Tuesday, June 23 at 11am EDT (that's 1600 GMT+1, e.g. London; or 1100 EDT, e.g. NYC; or or 0800 PDT, e.g. LA). The upload link is below.

All posters will remain up for the whole conference. We'll ask presenters with last names A-O to stand by their posters on June 24, P-Z on June 25.

Tips for making a good virtual poster:

  1. Horizontal layout will fit in the space better than vertical layout.

  2. Font size should be larger than it would be for a normal poster. Visitors will be able to zoom in on each poster image within the virtual room, but the zoom is limited. Once uploaded, the poster image can easily resized, so ABSOLUTE font size does not matter, only font size RELATIVE to the poster's overall dimensions. But to ensure good resolution, and for convenience, we recommend designing your poster at life-size dimensions and using correspondingly large fonts (see sample below).


Please post questions to Slack!

Otherwise, for poster format or related questions, contact Annalise Paaby ( 


Once you are ready to submit your poster, please save as a PNG file and upload it the the dropbox below.

Please use the following format for file names: last name_first name_poster


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