This will be exciting: more than 200 participants, more than 40 talks and 40 posters!

There will be two half-day sessions on June 24th and 25th. Each session will start at 1600 (GMT+1, e.g. London) = 1100 (EDT, e.g. NYC) = 0800 (PDT, e.g. LA).

One hour prior to oral sessions, participants have the opportunity to mingle during the virtual Cocktail hour (

Oral presentations will last approximately 4 hours (Zoom), followed by poster sessions (

We will have three featured talks (20min + 5min questions):

Asher Cutter, University of Toronto

Molecular evolution in Caenorhabditis speciation and development

Amanda Gibson, University of Virginia

Adaptation to uncertainty: experimental evolution of parasites in diverse host populations

Bhagwati Gupta, McMaster University

Evolution of transcriptional repressors in Caenorhabditis nematodes

  • Talks will be live, and not recorded.

  • We will have live poster sessions so that presenters and conference participants to interact in real time.



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