At this time, our meeting is still scheduled to take place. We are in ongoing communication with McMaster University about the safest and most reasonable course of action, and any changes in plans will be posted here immediately. 

As of right now, we are no longer accepting registration payments.  Instead, we are asking you to pre-register. An important factor for us in deciding whether to cancel the meeting or not will be our ability to estimate the number of attendees. So if you had otherwise planned to attend, please click on the pre-registration button below and give us a tentative yes, no, or maybe. This is totally commitment-free! It's just to help us plan. You can tell us how many people you would bring, so one person can do this for a lab group. Thank you!

If we cancel the meeting, we will reimburse those of you who have already paid registration (possibly minus a minor transaction fee). If you have purchased housing through McMaster and wish to cancel that, please contact them directly.


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